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Here at AxiomID we take project confidentiality very personally, as I am sure you do. We have a Non-Disclosure agreement (NDA) which we would be glad to send you for your use as a basis for your agreement, or we would be glad to review your agreement, or we work on the bond that has worked for centuries a handshake.

We would love to discuss your project requirements with you whether it be Prototyping, Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, or Turnkey Product Development. We will take the time to give you our most honest review of your idea from a design and manufacturing standpoint and provide you with the most comprehensive and cost effective quote we can.

Just give us a call at 704-987-5151 Toll Free: If the above number is a toll call to you, please let me know imediately and I will call you back free of charges. or

drop us a line at

and we can get started. . . Times is a waisten!