Engineering Design

Industrial Design


                                                                 Dedicated to the 
                                                                                                                ideology that “Form follows 
                                                                                                      function” AxiomID has based its 
                                                                                             design philosophy and methodology to 
                                                                                      ensure that a product will function properly. 
                                                                                AxiomID's designers are specifically challenged to 
                                                                         not only make the product look good, but also ensure that it 
                                                                   works, and it is easily manufactured.

                                                                            AxiomID has been challenged many times over the years to develop 
                                                         mechanisms to solve problems that have never been solved before. 
                                                        Each challenge creates a unique set of problems to solve, and each a 
                                                     different set of criteria for the designer to work through. Quite often, just 
                                        getting a new set of eyes on a project, and more specifically a set of eyes that have 
                                   been exposed to multitudes of projects and problems over a variety of industries 
                                can help open up some possibilities and opportunities for solutions that would 
                            not otherwise surface.

                                                AxiomID has significant engineering resources both with in-house personnel 
                  as well as with some of our Alliance Resources, with a combined pool of over 85 engineers, 
                specializing in Thermal, Stress, Structure, FEA, Cooling, and Mechanical. AxiomID has 
              access to most of the test equipment required to prove out you design, including 
            thermal testing, ESD, EMI, submersion, shock, vibration, and others.

         AxiomID has proven its abilities to engineer products and solve mechanical problems 
     as as member of a companies design team ever since its inception back in 1988. If you 
   are stuck on a problem, looking for a unique solution, or just looking for a fresh set of eyes, 
 contact us show you how we can work with you as part of a team to solve the problem.